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Must I wear my contacts or glasses during the online eye test to get an eye prescription?

Yes! We will test your vision while you’re wearing your prescription glasses or contacts. Also, please note that we will also need your current vision prescription values, to make sure…

Does a real eye doctor review my exam?

After you complete the easee online eye test, the data is sent to an eye care professional for validation. From the data, they will detect the current visual acuity, the…

Why the easee online eye test?

The easee test is the world’s only clinically proven, CE-certified and FDA-listed online eye test. Our technology was developed with the help of leading medical experts and was based on…

How does the easee online eye test work?

Doing the easee online eye test only requires 10 feet of space, a laptop or a tablet and a smartphone. Nothing more. Your smartphone will serve as a remote during…

Is an online vision test safe? How can you examine my eyes online?

Yes! The easee online eye test is a very safe way for renewing your eye prescription. Our online eye test is using state-of-the-art technology which, paired with the expertise of…

Who are the eye doctors?

Our team of eye care professionals are here to make sure that it is safe to issue your new eye prescription, which is accurate and personally tailored to your needs.…

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