A medical grade technology that generates qualified leads for in-store appointments

The world’s first clinically proven online eye test

35%+ conversion

for customers with poor vision to book a follow-up appointment in-store

90%+ purchase conversion

from customers diverted to in-store appointment

Up to 40% new accounts creation

among users that perform easee’s online eye test

See how easee it can be

How our online vision checker helps service your customers both online and offline


Service first time buyers with an answer to their biggest question: ‘Do I need glasses?’


Results available in a matter of seconds


Improve the efficiency for walk-up store visits. Focus on urgent care needs with less measuring and more treatment

How it works

All you need is 10 feet of space, a laptop or tablet, and a smartphone.

1. Intake

We will ask you a few questions to see if you are eligible


2. Get ready

easee’s virtual assistant will guide you through the online eye test

3. Your vision is measured

The algorithm will check immediately your visual acuity based on your answers


4. Get your results

Check if your vision is still good with your current prescription eyewear or find out if you need glasses

See how easee it can be.

Our in-house experts will walk you through everything you need to know.

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