Research shows a computer can test your eyesight as well as an optometrist would.

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We’re pleased to announce that a study in cooperation with the University Medical Centre Utrecht (UMC Utrecht), testing the safety and accuracy of the easee eye test, was recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

The purpose of this study is to show that easee’s online eye test is a trustworthy and clinically proven method just as good as a refraction test performed by an optometrist. Furthermore, we aim to continue contributing to research in digital ophthalmology.

First of its kind, easee’s online eye test is now proven to be as effective as the refraction test you would take at a specialist’s. All you need to get your prescription is access to a computer, a smartphone, and 15 minutes to spare. The prescription is then validated by one of our optometrists to guarantee its accuracy. This is promising for people who suffer from poor eyesight and refractive error related blindness that isn’t treated, yet is utterly preventable.

Uncorrected refractive error is the most common cause of vision impairment worldwide[1], yet it is estimated that 80% of all visual impairment can be avoided or cured. The research measured the accuracy of our CE-certified software medical device compared to an exam by a trained professional, with 90% of participants achieving a visual acuity greater than 20/20 using the prescription from easee.

CEO Yves Prevoo says “We are delighted with the results. Our mission is to make clear vision accessible to everyone, and this proves we are on the right path. Our ambition is to support the eye-care professions, as we know there is a difficulty to test large volumes of patients providing them with an accurate prescription.”

The test is unique in that it doesn’t need to be performed by an eye care specialist, but still delivers an accurate prescription, making peoples’ lives much easier. This makes eye-care more affordable and scalable, which could be a real-game changer in how glasses are prescribed.

Head researcher Robert Wisse, MD, PhD, from the UMC Utrecht says “easee is a revolutionary development in the delivery of eyecare and provides promising avenues for remote monitoring and medical integration. Future research should address the safety in other user groups, such as children, or elderly patients with comorbidities such as cataracts”.

We are continuing to develop our software, and are looking into applying the technology to other areas, providing the world with a comprehensive digital platform for online eye tests.

1 Resnikoff S, Pascolini D, Mariotti S, Pokharel P. Global magnitude of visual impairment caused by uncorrected refractive errors in 2004. Bull World Health Organ 2008
2 World Health Organization

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