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Worldwide, more than 1 billion people live with a form of visual impairment. More than a third of eyewear users wear glasses with the wrong strength. Our mission is to make clear vision accessible to everyone. And that starts with knowing how good your eyes are. A moment of clarity.

Hello, we are easee. The world’s first CE certified online eye exam.

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Not only an eye exam, but ‘a moment of clarity’

Not only an eye exam, but a moment of clarity Your eyes are your most important sensory organ. Especially in a world that is more visual than ever. To get the most out of your daily life, clear vision is essential. It brings sharpness to the choices you make. Focus. We’re not only offering an eye exam, but a moment of clarity. An enlightening moment that improves the quality of your life.
Every eyewear prescription checked by a specialist The reliability of our eye exam is our right to exist. That is why every prescription is checked by our optometrists. In addition, each updated version of our exam is extensively tested by the Utrecht Medical Centre. In this way the reliability is continuously guaranteed. And every eye exam is, in fact, an enlightening moment.
The world’s first CE-certified online eye exam Time is our most precious asset. And in that way the biggest hurdle to do an eye exam. Thanks to the latest technology, and the smart minds from our team, easee is the first online eye exam with a CE-certification. Now you can do a reliable eye exam whenever and wherever you want. In a way that suits our times.

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