An internship at easee online eye test in Amsterdam

4 December, 2019

Our mission is to make good & clear vision accessible to all. But for this we need young and motivated people like you to make our vision come true.

Have you always wanted to work in an ambitious and innovative company? Then an internship at easee might be just right for you! An interesting and exciting challenge awaits you here. During an internship you will support us in advancing an innovative and disruptive product, coupled with a good portion of “StartUp” atmosphere. Develop further and learn in half a year what normally takes five years!

In order to make your start with us as pleasant as possible, we have provided you with some information and advice:

Activities in Amsterdam: To experience the real Amsterdam, the purchase of a bicycle is a must! After all, who is a real Dutchman without their own bike? You can either bring your own bike or buy a new or used bike on the spot. Of course you can also rent a bike, ask the easee team for more information. Amsterdam offers so many possibilities to experience. Whether cycling along the canals, visiting the Heineken brewery or the many museums. There is so much to see and experience.

Flat: If you don’t live just around the corner or if you like to commute between your home and your workplace, you should think about suitable accommodation in good time before starting your internship. Who would like to spend their time in a hostel or hotel during the internship? Amsterdam is huge and that means that living space is scarce. Unfortunately, this aspect can be very overwhelming at the beginning especially if you’ve never been to Amsterdam before and don’t know your way around well. We – the easee team – will be happy to give you advice.

Registration: If you want to spend more than four months in the Netherlands or if you want to do a paid internship (Yes, we pay for the internship), you have to register with the relevant authorities to get a so-called Citizen Service Number (BSN). The Citizen Service Number is a unique registration number for each citizen that is used in any contact with a government service. Your employer also needs your personal BSN. All further information on the BSN can be obtained by telephone or online.

Public transport: Our beautiful office is located in Amsterdam Noord and can be reached either by ferry (if you want to experience the “real” Amsterdam feeling) or by metro, train, bus. To take advantage of public transport, we recommend that you apply for the OV chip card, which you can top up at any time with the appropriate credit. Applying for the OV chip card costs € 7.50 once and is valid for five years. We will reimburse you for the travel costs incurred on the way to our office with the help of the OV chip card! You can conveniently apply for the OV chip card online.

Food: Although it is very quiet in the closer surroundings of our beautiful office, in the north of Amsterdam, compared to the city centre, but nevertheless there are also enough shopping possibilities and restaurants here. For example, you can buy a delicious croissant in the supermarket about 3 minutes away or order a delicious espresso in the cafe of the Pand Noord office building, where our office is also located.

Corporate culture: Team cohesion is very important to us! For example, we always have lunch together in a team around 12:30 pm. Our dear Office Manager prepares lunch for us or orders food. After lunch, we all clean up the table together as a team. Even after work, we sometimes go out for something to eat together, such as pizza, or go to a bar to round off the evening.

So what are you waiting for? Become part of this unique city and of this great StartUp and apply to us.
You can find an overview of our vacancies online.

An internship at easee online eye test in Amsterdam
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