Prepare for Your New Customers

Your business’s future is online.

Your customers need something new from you, and they’ve already begun to demand it: the flexibility to handle routine tasks online. Are you ready to give it to them?

How easee can help you prepare for the future, now

Our online eye exams can supplement the care and service you give and keep its quality high. But more than that, they will help you compete for customers in the years to come.

If your business is brick and mortar, our tests allow you to continue to serve customers who can’t come to you. If your business is online, our exams complete your portfolio of services—now they don’t need to look elsewhere to check their glasses or contact lens prescriptions. And if you’re an omnichannel retailer, our online eye test offers your customers greater flexibility and can direct them to your offline store.

All you need is a computer, 3 meters of space and a smartphone

Online prescription checker

Easee offers two products that can help you. The first is our online prescriptions checker, a fast, reliable vision test that’s easy to conduct at home, and ideal for determining if your customer’s current prescriptions are still working for them. It can give them greater confidence in ordering eyewear online, and can generate new leads from people who were unaware they had vision problems.


We offer a fast, reliable vision test that’s easy to conduct at home, and ideal for updating glasses and contacts prescriptions. Your customers will love the convenience, and the reliability: Prescriptions are vetted by an optometrist and generated within 24 hours. Fewer than 1 percent of people who order eyewear based on the new prescription return it.

Take your services to your customers anytime, anywhere

Easee can integrate with your service however you prefer, based on your team and budget. You can choose a simple integration where we provide you with a link for your customers, or an API-based integration. Our team will help yours with the integration.

Our online testing received a CE Class 1 certification in 2017.
In 2019, a clinical trial by the University Medical Center Utrecht found our test to be just as reliable as a test by an optometrist.

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