Contribute to making eye care accessible to everyone

Our new clinical study

easee is the world’s first clinically proven and certified online eye exam. We continuously prove and test our device and our newest clinical study is starting this autumn.


Would you like to help in medical research for eye measurements and have your eyes checked for free?

We are looking for volunteers:

  • aged between 18 and 55 years old.
  • wear glasses or contact lenses (ideally the power of your refractive error does not exceed -3.50 or +2.00. The cylinder power does not exceed -2.00).
  • who have healthy eyes.


Apply without any obligations and see if you qualify to participate.

You will receive a free eye measurement and €25 voucher. 

The measurement will take about 45 minutes.

Register here

A big big thank you for your interest! You are contributing to making eye care accessible for everyone everywhere!

We will contact you shortly after you have registered.

    Name* E-mail* Phone/mobile* Any questions?

    Choose from one of our research locations

    Easee HQ
    Meeuwenlaan 98-100
    1021 JL Amsterdam

    Xpert Clinics Hilversum
    Marathon 2
    1213 PK Hilversum

    Xpert Clinics Zeist
    Huis ter Heideweg 42
    3705 LZ Zeist

    Connect with us via email
    or phone +31 (0)62 799 18 02.

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    How does easee online eye exam work?

    1. Intake
    We start things off with a few short questions about you and your eyesight, to check how we can help you best.

    2. Eye-exam
    We guide you through every step of the exam.

    3. Prescription
    You receive your prescription, validated by our optometrists.

    Read more about the clinical studies and the technology behind our exam here.

    Meet Bruno,

    our clinical researcher


    We have 3 short questions before we can get started.

    1. The eye-exam takes about 20 minutes from beginning to end. Is now a good time?

    ● No lost time traveling or waiting for your appointment. The only minutes spent is on the test itself.

    Glad to hear you’re not in a hurry. This will improve the results.

    Do you have a smartphone, together with a laptop (or tablet), and 3 meters of space at your disposal?

    ● Your smartphone will function as a remote, and is also used together with a laptop (or tablet) to perform the online eye-exam.

    That’s great! We’re almost good to go. Just one more thing.

    Do you have your current eyewear prescription at your fingertips?

    ● Your prescription powers your eyewear. Our optometrists use your old one as areference for validating your new prescription.

    Take the exam now, or save it for later?

    Based on experience, we advise you to take your time with the online eye-exam to optimize your results. We can email you a link to proceed whenever you’re ready.

      If you want to do it right now or maybe you are just curious, no problem.


      Great, you’re all set!
      Let’s get started

      …redirecting to the eye-exam