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*initial price is 19 euros

Do you have glasses or contacts? Do you think you might need to start wearing some type of eyewear but you have never checked your eyes before? Are you curious to experience how easee online eye exam works?

In that case, if you are over 18 years old and you also want to help us understand how we can improve our easee online products, feel free to book a quick call with us.

Our product team would love to talk to people like you as we can only get better with your feedback. For your time we will offer you a symbolic gift of gratitude.

For this meeting, you only need your laptop and 30 minutes of your time. Your feedback will be used only for research purposes and it will be anonymous.

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Making eye care accessible to everyone


We have 3 short questions before we can get started.

1. The eye-exam takes about 20 minutes from beginning to end. Is now a good time?

● No lost time traveling or waiting for your appointment. The only minutes spent is on the test itself.

Glad to hear you’re not in a hurry. This will improve the results.

Do you have a smartphone, together with a laptop (or tablet), and 3 meters of space at your disposal?

● Your smartphone will function as a remote, and is also used together with a laptop (or tablet) to perform the online eye-exam.

That’s great! We’re almost good to go. Just one more thing.

Do you have your current eyewear prescription at your fingertips?

● Your prescription powers your eyewear. Our optometrists use your old one as areference for validating your new prescription.

Take the exam now, or save it for later?

Based on experience, we advise you to take your time with the online eye-exam to optimize your results. We can email you a link to proceed whenever you’re ready.

    If you want to do it right now or maybe you are just curious, no problem.


    Great, you’re all set!
    Let’s get started

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