How do I read my visual acuity results?

The preliminary results represent the measurement of your visual acuity. Visual acuity indicates the sharpness or your vision. It refers to the ability to recognize signs on a standardized chart from a specific viewing distance. There are several ways to express the measured visual acuity; we use the decimal as well as the 20/20-system. Decimal: … Continued

I cannot (re-) set my password

When I try to set my password, or after a password reset I get “This password reset token is invalid” or “This password reset token has expired” When you request a new password, a secret token is generated. This token prevents other people to use your link. Due to safety, this token is only valid … Continued

How can I measure my pupillary distance (PD)?

If you don’t know your pupil distance, we can calculate it for you. This works as follows; Take three pictures with a bank card under your nose (see image).You can also take a different card, like a Public Transport card (OV), as long as it has the same measurements as your bank card. E-mail your … Continued

Can I delete my account?

Of course you can. Although we’re sad to see you go, we’d like to thank you for trying easee out! Just a small note, before you leave. At the beginning we send some e-mails to confirm your registration and further steps. Otherwise, we will not send any newsletters or advertisements without your consent. Promise! If … Continued

Can anyone take the online test?

The test is intended for patients between 18-45 years with common refractive errors: Myopia (-0.25 to -6.5 S.D.), hypermetropia (+0.25 to +2.50 S.D.) and astigmatism (cylinder -0.25 to -2.5 Cyl). The test is not for patients with certain comorbidities, presbyopia and or amblyopia. The test includes a short health questionnaire to make sure you are … Continued

Can easee advise me about the health of my eyes?

No, easee can’t advise you about the health of your eyes, but provides you with a validated prescription. If you have any complaints or questions about the health of your eyes, or eye experts will advise you to see a medical professional.

I made a mistake during the test, what should I do?

To get the best results you should try to do the test as honestly as possible and follow the instructions closely. If you are not sure whether you can see an image just select ‘I don’t know’. Do not worry about making mistakes, there is no right or wrong answer. The test will still get … Continued

How can I be sure to have correct results?

To provide you with an accurate and trustworthy test we work closely with medical experts. Our specialists review each and every test to ensure a reliable result. Research conducted by the UMC Utrecht has proven the accuracy of the easee test compared to a traditional eye test. Additionally, we are officially certified as a CE … Continued

Can I see my result history?

You can see your result history by going on our website and logging in to your account. There, you can always track your previous results.

How do I access my prescription?

If you purchased a validated prescription, you will get an email from us. Then you can access your prescription in a safe environment on the website. If you login to your account, you will be able to see it in your history page.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you are unhappy about the outcome and you think it should be different, we will offer you a refund and an opportunity to take the test again. In this case, please send us an email, so we can find out what went wrong.

What if I do not like my prescription?

We take each test very seriously. That’s why we ask our medical specialists to review them to ensure that you get the most accurate result. If you are unhappy about the results and you think it should be different, please get in touch with us!

Can I choose not to buy the prescription?

Absolutely! Our test is free, so you can find out how your vision is doing without purchasing anything. You’d only have to pay if you choose to get a validated prescription from one of our medical specialists.

Can I use my prescription right away?

Yes, if you purchased a validated prescription from one of our medical specialists, you can immediately use it and get yourself new glasses or lenses.

How much time and money will it cost me?

It takes approximately 5-15 minutes to take the test. The test itself and the preliminary results are free. If you would like to purchase a validated prescription reviewed by one of our specialists, you will pay € 19.

Is the eye test trustworthy?

We take each test very seriously. That’s why we ask our medical specialists to review them to ensure that you get the most accurate result. Moreover, our technology was developed with the help of leading medical experts and was based on large medical studies. Our eye test is officially categorized as a Software Medical Device, … Continued

How does the easee eye test work?

To complete the test you need an internet connection. Your smartphone will serve as a remote during the test and the test itself will be displayed on your computer screen. To take the test you will need to take a 3-meter distance, and the entire test takes about 15 minutes on average. During the test, … Continued

Why should I check my eyesight with easee?

We want to help you check your eyesight in a quick and easy way. You can test your eyes from the comfort of your home, with professional assistance only a click away. The test lasts approximately 15 minutes and our eye experts are always ready to help with any questions you might have. Testing your … Continued

Why should I check my eyesight with easee?
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