New study shows: a computer can now test your eyes as good as an optometrist

28 March, 2019

Researchers at the University of Utrecht Medical Center today presented the trial results assessing the safety and reliability of the easee online eye exam, a subjective self-refraction test that can calculate an eyewear prescription. The CE certified software medical device will enable billions of people in need of glasses and contact lenses to test their eyes from the comfort of their home using only a smartphone and a laptop.

Over 60% of the adult population is in need of prescription eyewear and has limited or no access to opticians. This leads to Uncorrected Refractive Error, the leading cause for visual impairment, which affects a staggering 100 million people worldwide. The prevalence of myopia is increasing at an alarming rate and is expected to reach almost 5 billion people by 2030. This increase is linked to the use of smartphone and tablets.

The Dutch start up easee offers the world’s first CE certified online eye exam, that is easy to use from home as an alternative to a visit to the optician or ophthalmologist.

Great potential in healthcare

Researchers have tested the visual acuity and refraction of 100 healthy subjects in the age range between 18 and 40 with the online eye exam and compared this to the results of an optometrist performing a traditional eye exam. The research shows the algorithm used for the online refraction performs as good as the manifest refraction performed by an optometrist and gives excellent results in the low myopia group with healthy eyes.

This innovation offers huge potential not just for those in need of glasses or contacts but also in healthcare delivery. An economic impact study conducted by the company shows the technology reduces unnecessary hospital visits. Combined with a growing shortage of ophthalmologists inmany countries, this technology could help democratize access to needed eye care.

”easee is a revolutionary innovation and offers a promising solution for testing at home or in the medical setting” says Robert Wisse, MD PhD, Ophthalmologist at the UMC Utrecht.

”This is great news for billions of people in the world who need eye testing regularly. They can use our now scientifically proven technology from home, saving a visit to the optician or clinic.”

About Easee

Easee makes eye testing easier, quicker and more accessible. The company developed the world’s first CE certified online eye exam that takes only 15 minutes and can be done from home with a computer and a smartphone. The patented technology is as accurate as tests performed by opticians or optometrists. It is the company’s mission to make accurate eyewear prescriptions accessible for everyone across the world at any time. The online eye exam is suitable for the most common refractive errors for those in the age range from 18 to 45. With further research and development, easee is planning to extend the age range to make the test available for more people.

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New study shows: a computer can now test your eyes as good as an optometrist
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