Less Testing,
More Treatment

Help more patients – no matter where they are.

When your patients can’t travel to you, they still need
high-quality vision care. And when you can’t be available for in-person consultation for weeks or months, keeping up with a backlog of cases can present a challenge.

Let’s work together

How easee can help you

Our online eye exams can supplement the care you give, keep its quality high, and allow you to focus more attention on the patients who need you most. Easee offers a reliable eye exam that’s ideal for routine vision checks and for followup testing after routine cataract surgery. Our basic exam takes 5 minutes, and none take more than 20. Results can be integrated seamlessly into a patient’s medical record. Here’s how it works:

All the patient needs is a computer, 3 meters of space and a smartphone

TeleVisus: Remote Visual Acuity Testing

When completing our eye exam from home, patients report a measurement of corrected distance visual acuity. The results serve as the initial step in the patient journey, and can help prioritise cases that need more urgent attention.

Help your patients anytime, anywhere

Our online testing received a CE Class 1 certification in 2017.

In 2019, a clinical trial by the University Medical Center Utrecht found our test to be non-inferior at measuring visual acuity and refractive error as a manifest refraction performed by an optometrist.

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