easee has been nominated for the final list of Sprout Challenger50 2020

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We are more than honored to announce that we are part of the 50 companies that have carefully been selected for Sprout’s Challenger50, a campaign promoting innovative, initiative and fast-growing organizations of the Netherlands, which are either exploring niche markets, or turning existing ones upside-down.

This year’s edition has unfortunately been a more special one, given the current world crisis. However, it is with the utmost pride that we at easee can say that our products are coronaproof. As Leonardo da Vinci has famously said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. This is exactly what easee embodies, given that our tests have the potential to revolutionize the eyecare industry as ultimately, only a laptop, a smartphone and 10 minutes are required.

We are extremely proud of every member of our team! This nomination is a great acknowledgment of our relentless activities in the past year, but our work is far from being over. Our goal is to soon reach the point where at least 1 million users will have benefited from our technology.

Yves Prevoo, CEO easee: “It is easee’s mission to provide everyone with access to better eye care, poor vision affects some 4.3 billion people worldwide. The current corona crisis has only made the need for e-health solutions such as easee even clearer.”

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