Ready for a day at the beach? Skip the contacts!

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The summer finally here and the beach has a lot going for it. However, if you wear contacts, it may not be only all fun in the sun. If you got the choice, it may be best to just leave your contacts at home. But why?

1. Swimming with contacts on isn’t highly recommended, unless you want to risk eye infections and irritation, no matter whether you’re dipping into a pool or the ocean. The situation is much better if you also remembered to bring a pair of swimming goggles. If you absolutely must get into the water with your contacts on, daily disposable contacts are the best option because you will need to throw them away after swimming.

2. Wearing sunscreen at the beach is of course a must. But while it’s all over your hands, you should be aware not to touch or adjust your contacts until you’ve properly washed your hands with (fresh) water and soap.

3. At the beach, it’s usually windy and – obviously – there is sand everywhere. So it’s blowing in your face and getting into your eyes. This and the drying effect of the wind may cause you to really want to rub your eyes. If you do that too hard, it could possibly result in the contact lens breaking and scratching your cornea or the contact falling off into the sand.

4. It’s not the best of ideas to nap on the beach with your contacts in. Sleeping with contacts can in some cases lead to irritation or even damage due to the oxygen flow being disturbed and the eyes getting drier.

If you decide to wear your contacts to the beach any way, it’s essential to protect your eyes from the sun (and wind) with sunglasses at all times.

Pro tip: If you can’t see well without correction, skip the contacts at the beach altogether and go for a fashionable pair of prescription shades instead. That way, you can protect your eyes, see the beach volleyball on time and look great at the same time!


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