The science behind the innovative online easee eye exam

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Retaining access to eyecare in the future is one of the biggest challenges of our generation. Already an estimated half billion of people suffer from distance vision impairment and another half billion had uncorrected near vision impairment, simply because they lacked the proper glasses to see clearly. These numbers are expected to rise in the coming 30 years due to population aging, growth, and urbanisation.

At easee, we want to make an impact by rethinking how eyecare can be organized. Can we contribute to improving access to eyecare, whilst retaining its quality and efficiency?

The Lancet report underlines that the most important causes of vision loss are uncorrected refractive errors (having no or wrong glasses) and untreated cataract. An important learning is that almost everyone will experience impaired vision or an eye disease during their lifetime and that the causes of preventable vision impairment are quite comparable globally. 80% of vision impairment could be restored by treating uncorrected refractive errors and cataracts. This also holds true for Western Europe and North America; though the absolute numbers are highest in South- and Southeast Asia.

The positive news is that the age-standardized global prevalence of blindness was reduced globally by 28.5% over the last 30 years and that digital health provided already great solutions.

At easee, we have developed the technology to not only screen for visual acuity, but also to assess refractive errors remotely. In addition, our clinical scientists work on the safe and valid application of our technology in cataract care. We will keep you posted on these developments!

If you fancy a long and thorough read on global eye health, please check the 2021 Lancet Global Health Commission report here.

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Avez-vous sous la main votre ordonnance (lunettes ou lentilles) actuelle ?

● Votre correction alimente vos accessoires optiques. Nos optométristes utilisent votre ordonnance actuelle en tant que référence pour vous en fournir une nouvelle.

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