Doing the easee online eye test only requires 10 feet of space, a laptop or a tablet and a smartphone. Nothing more.

Your smartphone will serve as a remote during the test and the test itself will be displayed on your computer screen. You will need to be 10-feet away from your computer or laptop, and the entire online eye test takes about 15 minutes on average. During the eye test, you will be presented various images similar to the letter chart. Based on your input as to what images you can see and which you cannot, we can assess your visual acuity. The test consists of three parts:

The first part is to evaluate your habitual visual acuity, or what your vision is under every day circumstances. The second part is to identify whether you are shortsighted or farsighted. The last part will test the need for a cylinder correction. If indicated, our algorithms measure the angle and strength of a cylinder correction. Once the test is completed, your results are then validated by our licensed team of eye care professionals to guarantee the quality of your new prescription. With it, you can then buy prescription glasses or contacts anywhere, with confidence!

We will test your vision while you’re wearing your prescription glasses or contacts. During the entirety of the online eye test, it is important you follow the instructions closely, you are honest whether you can see the image or not and avoid squinting or leaning.

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