easee is a finalist in the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award competition

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We’re proud to share that we’re a finalist for the Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award in the Inclusive Society and Health category!

The Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award recognises entrepreneurs with innovative solutions that make an impact. The Inclusive Society and Health category is composed of entrepreneurs, who are contributing to a healthy, sustainable and inclusive society. 

At easee, we’re doing everything we can to make eye care more inclusive: enabling employees to test their eyes at home, aiding the elderly with online eye screening with the assistance of a nurse in homecare, helping the keratoconus patients assess their visual acuity and much more.

With our eye on the prize, we’re already thinking about how to use the easee test to detect myopia progression in children. The winner will be announced on May 16, 2023 during the final pitch. Stay tuned!

Rabo Sustainable Innovation Award banner

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