Investigating the accuracy of remotely testing vision in uveitis patients

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The easee vision test has been validated in a healthy population (link to the study), but now its accuracy was assessed in uveitis patients, a potentially sight threatening inflammation of the eye.

Due to the recent COVID‐19 pandemic, it is even more important to research and better understand a telehealth approach assisting triaging urgency of appointments.

remote eye testing

The outcome of the easee test was compared to the outcome of conventional hospital assessments in 98 complex uveitis eyes. The web-based tool seems a promising instrument to estimate visual acuity of uveitis patients in their home‐environment. 

These outcomes underline the potential of remote vision testing in other common ophthalmic conditions. 

Find out more on how this online vision test has the potential to revolutionize teleconsultations.

woman getting her eyes tested

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