The success of easee’s remote eye testing study

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The challenges in the accessibility and quality of eye care have not been adequately addressed in public health initiatives in the past, but the critical need for more effective healthcare delivery programs are being recognised. The easee team strives to provide a reliable assessment of whether you need glasses or contacts while reducing costs. 

Ophthalmologists and vision scientists from the university medical center Utrecht teamed up with easee to investigate the accuracy and safety of remote eye testing. The outcomes of the easee eye test were compared with traditional in-clinic optometrist eye assessments and the researchers went to great lengths to secure the independent validation of these findings. 

In this clinical study, 200 eyes were tested. The easee test reported comparable outcomes in Visual Acuity, and the refractive error was non-inferior to the conventional test, particularly for people with mild myopia. 90% of the participants achieved a 20/20 (better than the average) vision with the easee prescription.

Learn more about how clinical data supports the easee eye exam here

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