Walking in the winter wonderland – with dry eyes?

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Do you get dry eyes in cold weather? You’re not alone, most of us living in the cooler climates know the feeling. It’s a known fact that cold outdoor temperatures, and dry indoor heat can lead to dehydration of the eye as the air humidity drops. During windy days, the sand-papery or teary feelings in the eye increases, as we easeeans living in the Netherlands well know.

Dry eyes can feel very irritating; pain, swelling, teary eyes and burning or itchy sensation are common symptoms. Luckily the dry eyes symptoms often pass by and attending to them is relatively easy.

Wear glasses – while outdoors, your eyes are best protected with glasses that prevent the direct wind from irritating your eyes. If you are experiencing dry eyes while wearing contact lenses, it’s better to choose glasses instead of contacts, especially when the weather is cold. Protective glasses help while skiing, and they also help to keep you safe.

Drink a lot – hydrating your body will help hydrate your eyes.

Treat dry eyes with artificial tears – the most common treatment for dry eyes. There are different kinds of moisturizing eye drops you can use, and a lot of them are available over-the-counter. Ask your health care specialist for advice if you aren’t sure what kind to use.

Consider using an air humidifier inside – when heating is turned up, the air inside can get even drier than outside. A humidifier adds moisture to the air and, in some cases, helps relieve the dry eye.

The best treatment depends on the source of the dry eye. Your health care provider can help you find the suitable treatment if you are worried, or if the problem persists. Don’t hesitate to seek professional advice, because in some cases, dry eye indicates a serious eye health issue or can lead to eye infections or damage to the eye.

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