Deepdive into the reliability of online vision measurements

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Easee offers the opportunity to test one’s visual function remotely, be it for the purchase of new glasses or as part of a remote eye-care solution. As a company, we are driven to deliver the best quality and experience and one of easee’s core values is transparency. Particularly when it comes to the quality of our products. We, therefore, want to share with you an interesting piece of research on remote vision testing.

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Recently, a systematic review was published by the team from the University Medical Center Utrecht. This paper summarized the scientific findings of all independent research papers and tools available to date. Why is this important? Many apps and websites offer online vision tests or visual symptom checkers, though the quality and validity of these tests are seldom evaluated*, nor are they certified for medical use (i.e. CE certified in Europa or FDA approved in the US). 

In this independent investigation, the performance of the online measurement of visual function and conventional clinical charts is shown to be equivalent. This means that you could have your vision safely assessed at home, nursing home, or at school, using applications on smartphones, tablets, and/ or computers. The easee exam performs on par with other validated solutions. Rest assured, the easee test is CE certified and FDA approved for its intended purposes.

Find out more on how high-quality remote vision testing is producing equivalent results to conventional tests of visual assessment, here.

*Yeung, W.K., Dawes, P., Pye, A. et al. eHealth tools for the self-testing of visual acuity: a scoping review. npj Digit. Med. 2, 82 (2019)

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