Patient experience using easee eye exam in post cataract surgery

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Self-assessment of visual function has been introduced over the past decade through various applications and it is becoming more common. These telemonitoring eye checks could enable patients to self-assess their visual function from the comfort of their homes and provide themselves and their eyecare professionals with the results.

As a result, online eye tests have the potential to improve the efficiency of certain ophthalmic patient journeys, by increasing possibilities for monitoring patients remotely.

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It is now well recognised that for successful adoption of such e-health technologies in the interaction between healthcare providers and patients, it is crucial to assess the patients’ experience. So far we have reported on the validity, safety, and cost-effectiveness of e-health telemonitoring, now we explore the patients’ perspective in this mixed-methods study. 

Questionnaires and in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted in ophthalmic clinics across the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria.

The experience of performing the web-based eye test at home was reported positively and instructions were considered easy to understand and the test was regarded as adequately capable to perform (3.8/5.0). The majority was willing to use e-health services like the web-based eye examination in the future (mean 4.1/5.0).

Learn more about how new data explores the patient experience when using the easee eye exam post cataract surgery here.

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