TeleVisus: Remote Visual Acuity Testing

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eHealth solution for eye care services

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, access to the necessary eyecare is limited. easee is offering its CE certified telemedicine platform to hospitals and eye care clinics in Europe to ensure that doctors can continue providing eye care services.

By implementing an eHealth solution, patients will be able to receive eye care services from home. easee’s online eye exam offers a comprehensive questionnaire on eye health, patient-reported outcome measures and a measurement of corrected distance visual acuity, thereby providing doctors with an objective measure to enhance their tele-ophthalmology consult.

Remote eye care services

Working together, we can ensure that patients regain access to healthcare services and doctors are able to continue caring for their patients from a distance. There are several clinical applications that easee has now developed to provide remote eye care.

Eye care specialists can use the online eye test to monitor, review and follow-up with patients remotely.

Before the doctor performs an electronic consultation, a link to the visual acuity assesment can be provided to the patient. The patient can click the link and will be guided through the online test without the need for input from an ophthalmologist or clinical assistant.

The online eye exam can also be employed as a first step in the clinical patient journey, facilitating the selection of patients needing urgent access to clinical facilities.

Eye care professionals can then augment their digital consultations and use the results of the online eye exam to have a more robust indication of the patient’s visual function.

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