Can anyone take the online test?

To get a validated prescription
Individuals in age group 18 – 45 years with common refractive errors: Myopia, hypermetropia and Astigmatism can get a validated prescription from easee.
You will need to know your current prescription and should be able to wear your contacts or glasses during the exam.

Glasses & Contacts – To get a prescription from easee, your current prescription should be in the range

  • SPH → (-)10D to (+)10D
  • CYL → (-)6D to (+)6D, Any AXIS

However our optometrists hold the right to not prescribe a prescription. This can be based on a user’s exam result, their feedback on health questionnaire and optometrists’ medical judgement. In this case, we advise you to visit your doctor’s office for an in-person consultation.

The test is not intended for people with presbyopia and or amblyopia. Also, if you use hard contact lens, bifocals, damaged or colored glass, have had eye or laser surgery, have painful or irritated eyes, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have other certain comorbidities, including diabetes, our optometrists cannot issue a prescription.

The test is not intended as a substitute for a full eye health exam. The test includes a short health questionnaire to make sure you are eligible for an online eye exam. Based on your test results, an optometrist will determine your final eligibility status for receiving an updated prescription from us.

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