Get a new prescription in the blink of an eye

Check your vision form the comfort of your home to renew your eyewear prescription or to find out if you need glasses

Validated by a certified optometrist within 24 hours

rating 4.7 /5

The world’s first CE-certified online eye exam


Only 5 min to test your vision

What you need

A smartphone

A computer or large tablet to show the test images

3 meters of space between You and the computer

Your glasses or contacts, if you wear either


Your current prescription values

Can I get a new prescription?


Currently only suitable for ages 18-45

Currently only available to existing wearers


Your current prescription should be in the range
SPH → (-)10D to (+)10D
CYL → (-)6D to (+)6D, Any AXIS

Not eligible?

You can still check your eyes in 5 minutes to find out how good your vision is with your current eyewear prescription, or if you need glasses

How it works

1. Intake

We will ask you a few questions to see if you are eligible.

2. Get ready

easee’s virtual assistant will guides you through the eye exam.


3. Your vision is measured

The algorithm will check immediately your visual acuity based on your answers

4. Get your results

Find out if your current prescription is still up-to-date. If not, we will renew the prescription online if you are eligible. Don’t wear glasses? Find out if you need eyewear.

Get € 19,- discount

You can do our online eye exam completely free of charge. If you also want a prescription validated by our certified optometrists, you pay only € 19,-

With your validated prescription, you can buy eyewear online with confidence.

Did you know that you get € 19,- in return on your eyewear purchase at one of our Partners?

Get your discount voucher at the end of our eye exam, and pick your frames right away!

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