The test environment

You will do the test on your laptop, tablet or desktop using a smartphone as a remote control. To ensure the outcome of the measurement is reliable, it’s important that the environment is suitable for the test. Most importantly, you have to be able to stand 3 meters away from the screen.  By following the test instructions, you can easily measure the distance with your own footsteps. It is also possible to measure the distance by using a measuring tape.

Light that comes from a source behind the screen, may disturb your vision during the test. Therefore, it’s best to do the test during daylight or with lamps that give a natural colour and brightness and are installed behind you.

Make sure you have sufficient battery power on your mobile phone to last about an hour as it will use more power than average. If you use a laptop or tablet, check its battery as well or connect it  to a charging cable, if necessary. Being able to hear the instructions is essential as well, make sure the audio on your computer work. Take your time during the test – speed is not important. Last but not least – you should feel relaxed and energized when doing the test. 

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The test environment
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